I’ve always liked the outdoors. But, after years of doing software development (indoors!), I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed being outside. You’d think I’d get outside as frequently as possible for a chance of pace, but that never really happened. Not until 2016.

After the stars aligned and provided me with the opportunity and motivation to spend some time away from the computer screen, I decided to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail, and created this website to serve as a journal for my hike.

After I got back from that six-month long hike, I decided I wasn’t going to stop hiking — or writing about it. Now, this site has three purposes: to journal my exploration of the outdoors, share my enjoyment of the outdoors, and provide resources to allow you to enjoy the outdoors as well.

Why “Longstride”?

Hikers on long-distance trails typically take on a “trail name,” rather than using their real names. Longstride is the trail name I opted to use, on account of my typically fast walking (and hiking) pace.

Long Distance Hiking

I have completed the Triple Crown of Hiking:

In 2023-24, I completed a thru-hike of Te Araroa, 3075 km across the North and South Island of New Zealand.

Additionally, I have completed the following shorter long-distance trails:

In total, I've hiked over 10,780 miles (17,350 km) in 807 days on long-distance trails.

Day Hikes

The Day Hikes section provides an account of many hikes, of varying lengths and difficulties, that I’ve done, and which you can do too. So far, all are centered around Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, but I plan to explore other areas as well.

The Future

The MD-DC-VA region has no end of hiking trails. The Day Hikes section will continue to grow as I explore new places.

In long-distance hiking, there are quite a number of trails on my bucket list. Likely future trails include the Great Divide Trail, the New York Long Path, and the Northville-Placid Trail. After that, who knows? Perhaps another tour of the Appalachian Trail?

Is there a trail you’d like me to hike and write about? Let me know!