36.9 / 272.7 miles 13.5% Stratton-Arlington Road Campsite

Cell service in the Vermont backcountry is poor. Updates may be delayed.

Location: Stratton-Arlington Road Campsite (36.9 miles)

7/19 Stratton-Arlington Rd

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Location: Goddard Shelter (24.4 miles)

Shortly after hiker midnight (9 pm) last night, some heavy rain, and thunder and lightning finally rolled in, and it was quite the show. The storm must have been quite close, since many of the thunderclaps managed to noticeably shake the shelter. So, it was a very interesting first night out on the Long Trail. (I imagine the hikers who tented had an even more interesting night than I did.)

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Location: Congdon Shelter (10 miles)

Today started off with a pancake and bacon breakfast at Moonlight Diner and Grill, before starting off on a walk to the trailhead. As luck would have it, before I got too far, a car pulled over and asked if I wanted a ride. As it turned out, it was the same person as gave me a ride last night, Sonora.

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Location: Journey's Start (0 miles)

After three miles and change on the Pine Cobble and Appalachian Trails, I've made it to Vermont, and the start of the Long Trail!

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Location: Williamstown, MA / Willows Motel

After a bit of last-minute running around my home, my friends Andrew and Monica picked me up and gave me a ride to the Silver Spring Greyhound Station. Although I left my house a bit later than I intended, I still got there with plenty of time to spare before the bus started boarding — rather, I got there before the bus did! Today's destination is Williamstown, MA. The town, close to the Vermont border, is the nearest town to the Pine Cobble Trail, which I'm using as an approach trail to the Long Trail tomorrow.

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