Sunday, July 3, 2016 11:55 pm
Location: Culver Gap / Jersey House (1321.4 miles)

I got up relatively early (at least compared to most everyone else at the Jersey House) and, thanks to Jesse letting me borrow his car, I took care of laundry in the morning. The nearest laundromat was in the neighboring town of Newton, about a 20 minute drive away. This was easily the nicest laundromat I've been in so far; there was an attendant, the washers and dryers could take credit cards, and the attendant gave me free detergent (detergent is free for new customers).

In the afternoon, all of us except for Jesse's mom went over to the beach on the other side of the lake in various different boats. Jesse, Seth, Holly, and I went over to the basketball court, where we found a giant set of Jenga blocks. Holly and I played a game (I won), and then the four of us played a game of half-court basketball, with Holly and I on one team, and the brothers on the other. The game was as lopsided as the chalk half-court line (apparently drawn by someone trying to avoid drawing a line through the Jenga blocks). Frankly, I'm surprised we didn't knock over the blocks during our game.

Lack of advanced planning and a bit of a one-track-mind this morning found me passing near a Walmart on the way to the laundromat, and not actually taking the time to do a resupply. While I was not in a big hurry to leave, this bit of poor time management basically forced taking a zero tomorrow. (My feet were overjoyed.)

We had pizza for dinner. We attempted to do s'mores, but the small grocery store near the Jersey House was sold out of marshmallows.

The evening wrapped up with some watermelon and a game of Cards Against Humanity (basic set only).

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