Day 27: Zero in Auckland
Wednesday, December 6, 2023 6:33 pm
Location: Waiwera / Auckland (541.1 km)

Instead of going somewhere to hike, we had a moderately productive and lazy day in Auckland.

  • Our primary plan for today was to hike roughly the next 30 km south through Auckland. But after we woke up, we felt kind of lazy, and decided against hiking today. Instead, we had a bunch of chores that needed accomplishing, and we might as well get them done while we had the opportunity.
  • I got a new screen protector. It’s nice to have one that isn’t cracked, but I didn’t get the screen cleaned off sufficiently while I was putting the new one on, and now there’s a few specks of dust trapped under the protector.
  • I got a new pair of sunglasses, which I think I like more than my old pair.
  • CareFree got a new pair of boots, which should help significantly when we go through more muddy areas later.
  • We went to see The Marvels, which while fun (for me), was a poor use of time.
  • We decided to go back to Waiwera tomorrow. To get back to the trail around low tide, we’ll have to leave the apartment around 7:20 tomorrow morning to catch the bus back.
  • This meant stopping at the food store for a small top-off of snacks, and we’ll do a resupply for the section south of Auckland later.
  • Wanting “healthy” food for dinner, we went back to Pita Pit. (Because it can’t all be healthy food, we also got brownies.)