Tuesday, February 16, 2016 8:16 pm

Earlier this week, I let my friends know about my plans to hike the Appalachian Trail. On Sunday, I let my friends Andrew and Monica know. (Starting Monday, Monica is running the weekly D&D game myself and friends play in, so she needed to know first.)

After our game on Monday (the first session in Monica's Out of the Abyss campaign), I told the rest of my gaming group.

Today, I started privately informing other friends.

The rest of today, and this evening, I've been plugging away on this website, mostly to procrastinate doing further logistics planning. The extra class at REI for Trip Planning got rescheduled from tonight to next Wednesday, which is good, because it's at Columbia, and I was misremembering it as being the the Food & Equipment course at College Park tomorrow. Good thing it got rescheduled, or I might have shown up at the wrong store for the wrong course!

That kind of throws my planned supply gathering excursion tomorrow into flux, but I should be able to do it on Thursday.

I spent a while today looking at maps of the C&O Canal Towpath, and pondering doing an excursion along the tow path from my last location on that trail (Rileys Lock) up to (though probably not back from) Harpers Ferry. This would give me a relatively easy three-day hike that would serve as a decent pack-weight training excursion. I'm a little concerned about potential lack of water sources, though. The campgrounds on the towpath have water sources, but they're shut off until April 15, and I'm not too keen on using towpath water, even filtered.

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