More Gear
Friday, February 19, 2016 11:40 pm

Bought more stuff today. Got a drysack to use for food storage, 50 ft of paracord, a Snow Peak GigaPower Stove and windscreen, fuel canister stand, cook set, fuel, a fuel canister recycling tool, a cathole trowel, and a spork.

Note to self: learn how to tie proper knots.

I still have some major things still left to get, including a tent, headlamp, and proper clothing. Going to check back at REI for tents in a couple of weeks after they rotate their winter stuff out and set up more tent displays. Apparently, they've gotten a few more tents in that they haven't put out on display.

With the compression sack, the sleeping bag compresses very nicely, but the sleeping pad is obnoxiously large, even when rolled up. Good thing it can easily hang off the back of my pack.

Loaded up my pack, with my current gear and water, and that comes to 21 lbs. The pack has a space to put a hydration pack, like my Camelbak, but it's difficult to access; it looks like there's a zipper that's on backwards and doesn't have a pull tab. Weird.

Current plan tomorrow is to hike some of the trails at the C&O Canal park between Carderock and Great Falls. I'll try out the stove with a dehydrated meal pack I bought for lunch.

Also bought my train tickets for Union Station DC to Gainesville GA, for March 20th. So, I guess this means I'm committed now…

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