Sunday, August 21, 2016 10:14 pm
Location: Gentian Pond Shelter / White Mountains Lodge and Hostel (1902.6 miles)

After a punishing hike through the Whites, Rainbow and I took the day off. Papa Monkey hiked the section of trail between Gentian Pond Shelter and the White Mountains hostel he missed the day I did that section.

The weather was awesome, and I regretted a little not actually hiking today. My body thanked me for it, though.

Rainbow and I ate at Mr. Pizza for lunch, and once Papa Monkey returned, we all went to the Dynasty Chinese Buffet.

While waiting for Papa Monkey to return, I went through all the road crossings in Maine with parking areas and figured out driving times between each trailhead. What I found was that in several cases, the road crossings were just too far apart (in terms of time) because of a lack of road interconnections and a large number of long gravel and dirt roads. My conclusion was that continuing to slackpack ourselves would become time-prohibitive. Even with two cars, we'd spend way too much time driving.

This looked like it'd be the end for Slackpack Guarantee. That said, we still had a little more we could do. Tomorrow, we'll make an early start and do the section between Carlo Col and Grofton Notch (including the famed Mahoosuc Notch). The next day, with Rainbow's generous assistance, I'll fill in the gap between Gentian Pond and Carlo Col while Papa Monkey relocates his car to Millinocket with his brother's assistance.