Wednesday, August 24, 2016 9:10 pm
Location: Grafton Notch / Pine Ellis Lodging (1921.9 miles)

Apart from a shower and nap, and writing a belated blog post, I did absolutely nothing productive today. It was quite relaxing, and my leg was most appreciative.

The general store/deli had a "triple bypass burger" special, a cheeseburger with three 4oz patties. It was pretty good. Amusingly, while the store sells beer, you're not allowed to drink beer in the store. (Not that I really need to buy any anyways, since I still have most of a twelve-pack in the trunk of my car.)

Pine Ellis offers a pretty extensive shuttle service; there's four road crossings they shuttle directly to, between Grafton Notch and ME 17, covering almost 34 miles, and from ME 17, they can also drop packs in Rangely, the next trail town. It's a bit expensive for the shuttle to ME 17, and especially to ME 17 with packs going to Rangely, but if it turns out there's several people willing to slack those sections the same day as me, it might be worth doing.

Papa Monkey also arrived, hiking in from Grafton Notch and getting a shuttle to the hostel. I was able to reunite him with a phone charger he left in my car, and the copy of his car key Rainbow forgot to return before we split ways the other day.