Friday, September 2, 2016 10:45 pm
Location: East Flagstaff Rd / Stratton Motel (2017.6 miles)

Today was awfully lazy. I didn't leave for breakfast at the Loony Moose until almost 9:30. (It was just as gigantic today as it was yesterday.) I hung out in the common area most of the afternoon not really doing much of anything, until I finally went over to the grocery store across the street and got the snacks I needed for resupply. (As well as a 2 liter bottle of soda, because why not?)

Rainbow made it in (from Farmhouse), though he's still two days behind me; he got off the trail about eight miles short of ME 27, and still has the Bigelows to do to be where I am. Possibly, I'll see him again in Monson, if I zero there, but I suspect this is the last time I'll see him on the trail.

For a change of pace, I went to the White Wolf Inn and Restaurant for dinner tonight, with Shepherd. Rainbow was there, having just finished eating, so we joined him and he talked with us as we (waited and) ate.

After dinner, I grudgingly packed my pack, putting everything in it in preparation for tomorrow, the first day in over a month I haven't slackpacked.

To save a little weight, I donated my Shoe Goo (which I haven't used since I swapped my boots in Harper's Ferry) and a (roughly quarter full) fuel canister to the Stratton Motel's hiker box.

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