Almost Time To Go
Sunday, March 18, 2018 11:33 pm

The last few days getting ready for my Pacific Crest Trail hike have been exhausting, but the end (or start) is nigh.

On Thursday, I got the last of my food, and packed it up. As with my AT thru-hike, I have entirely too much food in my pack, especially considering I have maildrops at Mt. Laguna and Warner Springs. But, at least I won’t have to worry about food at the start. (I can worry about water, instead.)

Friday saw a run to the Post Office to send off my maildrops. I also got a nice farewell from my coworkers at my day job. In the evening, I took a break from dealing with things to visit with some friends I haven’t seen much recently.

Gear for the Trail
Gear for the TrailGear for the Pacific Crest Trail

Saturday afternoon, I repacked my pack, using my gear list as a checklist. In the evening, I visited my mom, and had a giant plate of spaghetti for dinner.

Sunday, my friends Andrew and Monica threw a farewell party, much like they did for my AT thru-hike, with lots of St. Patrick’s Day-themed food.

My final bit of hike-related prep was on the way back home: I got a printed copy of maps for the trail, as a just-in-case backup. (Double-sided 11x17" color printing is far more expensive than I would have thought.)

Now, though, I’m done preparing, I’m all out of time, and it’s time to sleep. I need to be awake in 3.5 hours to get a ride to the airport...