I’m Dreaming Of No Bear Can
Saturday, June 16, 2018 11:39 am
Location: 1000.0 miles

I put together this song over the course of a few days, after being inspired by a random thought. I think it describes pretty well the love-hate relationship PCT hikers have with their bear cans, and how much we look forward to getting rid of them when we exit the High Sierra.

“I’m Dreaming of No Bear Can”

I’m Dreaming of No Bear Can
Just like the desert I used to hike
And plentiful streams
And no water carries
And snow that’s not on the trail

I’m Dreaming of No Bear Can
And my knees are fine with that
I’ll move more quickly
And hike more miles
With a pack that’s lighter than before

I’m Dreaming of No Bear Can
And no more bears to eat my food
Just furry rodents
That find my food bags
And eat my meals anyways

I’m Dreaming of No Bear Can
With every mile I have to hike
May your packs be well-stocked and light
And may all your trails be bear-free