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California is the southernmost of three states on the Pacific Crest Trail, and contains a portion of the Tahoe Rim Trail.

Pacific Crest Trail, 2018

Tahoe Rim Trail, 2021


Southern Terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail
Mile One
Pastures in the Desert
Hauser Mountain Campsite
The Climb to Lake Morena
A Distant Oasis
View from the Campsite
A Surprisingly Green Trail
Pine Valley
Frosty Tent
A Preview of the Desert Yet to Come
Tent-Goldberg Device
Still A Long Way To Go
Oriflamme Canyon at Sunset
Lone Cloud
100 Miles
Cow Pastures
Eagle Rock
Tree-Lined Trail to Warner Springs
Leaving Warner Springs
Tenting in the Desert
View of San Gorgonio and San Jacinto
Sunset at the Tule Spring Campsite
Steak Dinner
The Sun Sets Behind a Sea of Clouds
Fire Damage
Morning Fog in the Valley
View from the Devils Slide Trail
San Jacinto
Tahquitz Peak
Fog and Snow on San Jacinto
Mt. San Jacinto Summit
San Gorgonio and Cabazon
San Jacinto
The Mesa Windfarm
Flower-Lined Trail
Whitewater River
San Jacinto
Burned Forest
San Gorgonio
San Jacinto and San Gorgonio
Clouds Rolling up to San Gorgonio
Dust Blown by Desert Winds
Clouds over Sugarloaf Mountain
Big Bear Lake
Holcomb Fire Burn Area
San Gorgonio Stands Behind Big Bear Lake
Recovering Burn Area
Deep Creek Canyon
Mojave River Forks Dam Embankment
Silverwood Lake
The Moon and Venus
Cajon Pass
A Small Sea of Wildflowers
Happy Mountain Hippy
Swarthout Canyon
A Cloud-Filled Valley
The “Wally” Waldron Tree
Baden-Powell Summit
Vasquez Rocks Natural Area
Resupply at REI
Green Hills
Bouquet Reservoir
Moon Sculpture
Hippie Daycare at Casa de Luna
The Coming Desert
500 Miles!
Storm Clouds
Wild Cucumber
Desert Foothills
Los Angeles Aqueduct
Tehachapi Mountains
Wind Farm
More Windfarm
Wildflowers on a Ridge
Even More Windfarm
Cinco de Mayo at Wits End
Tehachapi Pass
PCTA Trail Magic
An Insufficiently Skittish Lizard Poses for a Photo
First View of Mount Whitney
Sunrise over Kelso Road
Joshua Trees Line the Trail
Two Valleys
Party at the Trailhead
Hiker Group Photo
Walker Pass Campground
Walker Pass
Craggy Peaks
South Fork Kern River
Snowfall in the Distance
A Pancake as Large as My Head
Sassy K Boils Her Poles
Grumpy Bear’s Retreat
Off We Go, Towards The Mountains
South Fork Kern River
First View in the High Sierra
South Fork Kern River
View West from my Campsite
Redwood-Lined Trail
Dutch Meadow
Mount Whitney
Chicken Spring Lake
Crabtree Meadows
Guitar Lake
Snow Falling on Mount Whitney
A Cold Trio
Mount Hitchcock
Guitar Lake
Melted Snow
Tent City
Mount Whitney
Camp Stupid
Forester Pass
View from Forester Pass
A Cloud Rising from the Valley
West Vidette Mountain at Sunset
West Vidette
Bullfrog Lake
View West from Kearsarge Pass
View East from Kearsarge Pass
Gilbert Lake
Bishop Mule Days Parade
“Get your ass in here!”
Flower Lake
Charlotte Lake
View from Glen Pass
One of the Rae Lakes
Woods Creek
View South Near Pinchot Pass
The Sun Rises Behind a Ridge
Trailside Creek
View of Mather Pass
View from Mather Pass
Palisade Lake
A Waterfall Flows Over the Trail
Self Shadow Portrait
Grouse Meadows
Middle Fork Kings River and Flowers
A Reflecting Lake
Quoi Hikes
Muir Hut and Muir Pass
Evolution Creek Crossing
Evoloution Creek Waterfall Mist
Ward Mountain
Sallie Keyes Lakes
Sunrise at Selden Pass
Bear Creek
Silver Pass Creek Waterfall
View from Silver Pass
Waterfall from Squaw Lake
Fish Creek
Lake Virginia
McLeod Lake
Devils Postpile
Middle Fork San Joaquin River
Shadow Lake
An Idyllic View
Thousand Island Lake
View from Donohue Pass
Tuolumne Valley
Tuolumne Valley
Lembert Dome
Tuolumne River
Tuolumne Falls
Miller Lake
Quoi Rocks the T-shirt Pants
View from Benson Pass
Smedberg Lake
Rocky Cascades
Benson Lake
Lake Near Seavey Pass
Falls Creek
Dorothy Lake
Lake Harriet
1000 Miles!
Dark Clouds Ahead
Kinney Reservoir
The Nipple
Upper and Lower Blue Lake
Lake Tahoe
Snow Plant
Lower Echo Lake
Lower and Upper Echo Lakes
Lake Aloha
Lake Aloha
Heather Lake
View from Dicks Pass
Richardson Lake
Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe
Tinker Knob
Tinker Knob
Donner Lake
Pollen Bathtub Rings
Fordyce and Meadow Lakes
Sierra Butte
Sierra Butte in the Morning
Sierra Butte
Switchback on Sierra Butte
Packer Lake and Sierra Butte
Gold Lake
Long and Silver Lakes
Sierra Butte Shrinks Away
Giant Slug
View from Lookout Rock
Silver, Mud, and Gold Lakes
Belden Ravine
A Vibrant Green Trail
Mount Lassen and Butt Mountain
Sloped Moss
Longstride & Quoi at the PCT Midpoint
Bohemianjess’ Halfway Marker
Stover Pond
Mount Lassen in the Morning Sun
Terminal Geyser
Boiling Spring Lake
Warner Valley
Lower Twin Lake
Burn Area Around Mount Lassen
Mount Lassen at Sunset
Hat Creek
Hat Valley
Hat Valley, View Towards Mount Lassen
Hat Valley, View Towards Mount Shasta
Mount Shasta
Longstride at 1400
Baum Lake
Burney Creek
Burney Falls
Pit River
Mount Shasta Dominates the Landscape
Mount Shasta
Morning Rain Clouds
Rain Clouds around Mount Shasta
Mount Shasta
Yét Atwam Creek
That Shasta, Always With Her Head In The Clouds
Mount Shasta At Sunrise
1500 Miles!
Castle Crags
Castle Crags
Castle Crags
Castle Crags
California Pitcher Plants
Castle Crags
Mount Shasta Floating on a Sea of Clouds
Lower Deadfall Lake
Mount Shasta over Bull Lake
Big Marshy Lake
Jackson Lake
Mushroom Stars in a Burned Forest
Smith Lake
Fischer Lake
Sunrise Through Smoky Skies
Grider Creek, First Crossing
Klamath River
Klamath River
Klamath River Amid Ashen Skies
Klamath River
Lily Pad Lake
A Hazy Sunrise
Sunrise and Sunbeams in a Smoky Valley
California-Oregon Border