Day 46: Cinco de Zero
Saturday, May 5, 2018 9:29 pm
Location: CA 58 / Tehachapi (566.4 miles)

Since this was supposed to be a low-key zero day where I did as little as possible, I’m going to keep today’s write-up simple and to the point.

Rachel dropped me off at Wits End, and took Sparky, Rain Man, and Oats to the trailhead so they could continue hiking.

I got a stellar breakfast at the diner across the street from Wits End.

Trooper managed to find a pair of boots that worked for her. She’s sending the rest of her boots home, and she and Ghost Hiker are getting back on the trail today.

One of the trail angels, Dewey, works at the wind farm doing maintenance (and is in the process of moving his family from Texas to Tehachapi). Alias stayed with him in his hotel room last night. He happily answered questions regarding the wind farm, including my burning question, why aren’t all the turbines always on? (It’s because of contracts, and not wanting to upset supply and demand.) Also: it’s “wind turbine”, and never “windmill”; windmills do one of two things: grind grain, or draw water.

Alias and I helped set up for the Cinco de Mayo party, including transporting chairs from another trail angel’s house.

The party went well, there was lots of food (some of it cooked last night by Rachel’s husband, Ian), and a good 25 or 30 hikers and trail angels there. Rachel’s youngest two daughters were there; the youngest in her dog pajamas.

Cinco de Mayo at Wits End
Cinco de Mayo at Wits End

Rachel went back to her house with a full load of hikers: myself, Alias, Sunshine, Sugar, Oak, and Hipsy Gypsy. I saw her son and oldest daughter for the first time.

Alias and I will head out tomorrow morning to resume hiking from Highway 58.