Day 81: Relaxing in Mammoth Lakes
Saturday, June 9, 2018 9:18 pm
Location: Mammoth Lakes / Davison Street Guest House

After a busy day of chores yesterday, Quoi and I had a fairly relaxing zero today. Dylan and Flowers made it out of the wilderness and into town, and we were quite happy to see them.

  • After another lazy morning, Quoi and I caught a bus into town for lunch.
  • Dylan and Flowers were on the bus, having gotten into town earlier in the day.
  • We went to Schat’s for sandwiches. They were delicious.
  • Free (who accompanied us out of Bishop) apparently hiked on, and did not go down Bishop Pass as we had been told. We’re unclear where he is now.
  • Flowers attempted to pick up his food drop from the Post Office, but they were closed today; he’ll have to stick around in town until Monday morning.
  • I tried a third gear store for tent stakes, and found the ones I wanted.
  • We stopped by a gas station for beer and snacks.
  • We took the bus back to the hostel.
  • The four of us sat out on one of the hostel’s decks, until the wind started to blow tree debris at us.
  • Inside, we sat in the common area, watching movies. We attempted to watch Atomic Blonde, but the internet went out halfway through the movie, so we couldn’t continue, and had to be content with whatever was on TV.
  • I repacked my pack and aired out my tent, which was still wet from the ice and condensation two days ago.
  • Quoi and I were going to split a pizza, but she went to take a nap after Atomic Blonde got cut off. Needing something to eat, I ate the ice cream I bought yesterday (and meant to eat over yesterday and today).
  • Presumably, Quoi and I are leaving tomorrow morning, but no plan beyond that had been devised, and I wasn’t going to wake Quoi up just for that.
Quoi, Flowers, Dylan, and Longstride
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