Day 131: Zero in Ashland
Sunday, July 29, 2018 11:54 pm
Location: Ashland / Janet’s House

Today was a low-key zero day, but still involved a fair amount of running around Ashland. It was also a forced zero. Although I was likely to zero here anyway, I didn’t have much of a choice: I needed to send a package via the USPS, as well as put something in and take something out of my bounce box, and since the Post Office in Ashland is closed on Saturday (yesterday), and Sunday, there would be no way to get out of town any sooner than tomorrow.

  • I had a breakfast of Cap’n Crunch Berries, with “fresh” (frozen) berries, banana, and yogurt courtesy Jelly, who bought extra food for breakfast last night when he went to the food store for resupply.
  • Janet and Patrick gave me a ride to Callahan’s on their way to hike Mount Ashland, so I could pick up a repair kit for my tent and sleeping bag I had sent there (which I forgot to pick up yesterday).
  • I got a ride back to Ashland, squeezing into a car with three other hikers. (It helped I didn’t have a pack, or there might not have been space.)
  • I got dropped off at Safeway, where I picked up 14 days of food. I’ll have 5 days of food to make it to Crater Lake; a maildrop there will give me food to Shelter Cove; and a maildrop there will take me through Bend.
  • Jelly and I went to Subway for lunch
  • I returned to Janet’s and repacked my food for the next leg.
  • I went to Standing Stone Brewing Company and had beers and dinner with Jelly and Verde.
  • We went to the Air B&B that Phoenix, Mermaid, Pants, Indy, and Janky were renting and hung out/had beers/second dinner. We also watched half of The Mist, before Jelly, Verde, and I left because it was getting late and we wanted to get back to the trail tomorrow.
Verde, Jelly, and Longstride
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