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Oregon is one of the three states along the Pacific Crest Trail.

Pacific Crest Trail, 2018


California-Oregon Border
Pilot Rock
Outlet of the Little Hyatt Reservoir
A Bee and Butterfly Share a Flower
Lava Rock
Fourmile Lake
Smoke-Filled Forest
New Pines in a Burn Area
Burned Wasteland
Burned Wasteland
Smoke in the Forest
A Smoky Morning
First View of Crater Lake
A Fire Near Crater Lake
Diamond Lake and Mount Bailey
Mount Thielsen
Thielsen Creek
Miller Lake
Shaggy Trees
Cowhorn Mountain
Summit Lake
The Lady Of Summit Lake
Diamond Peak
Odell Lake
Lower Rosary Lake
Charlton Lake
Sunrise over Charlton Lake
Flower Growing in a Burned Tree Stump
Stormy Lake
Lily Pads on a Small Pond
Pacific Crest Trail System Diamond
South Lake
Island Lake
Sisters Mirror Lake
South Sister
Mesa Creek
South Sister
Middle Sister
Obsidian Falls
Sister Spring Creek
North Sister
A Ghostly North Sister
North and Middle Sisters
Illuminated Clouds over Lava Rock
Morning Fog
Mount Washington through Burned Trees
2000 Miles!
Three Fingered Jack
Mount Jefferson
Hunts and Hanks Lakes
Russell Creek
Mount Jefferson
Jude Lake
Sunset Over Timothy Lake
Yeti Danger: High
Mount Hood
Mount Hood and Waterfall
Mount Hood
Zigzag River
Mount Hood and Waterfall
Mount Hood
Mount Adams and Lost Lake
Wahtum Lake
Wahtum Lake
Mounts Adams and St. Helens
Columbia Gorge
Tent City
Sunset Behind Washington