Day 115: Second Zero in Methven
Sunday, March 3, 2024 8:36 pm
Location: Methven / Snow Denn Lodge (2308.5 km)

I unexpectedly delayed departure from Methven, deciding to take two more days off due to logistics and weather issues.

  • I woke up to a light drizzle outside. Not ideal. I hoped it meant it wasn’t raining at the trail.
  • The breakfast restaurant I went to yesterday was closed for a “special family occasion”, so I found another restaurant, from which I got fantastic waffles.
  • While getting my breakfast, I got a message from the shuttle service I’d booked that they had a flat tire, and they may be delayed (if they could even get their tire fixed on a Sunday). Later, they got back to me that they could take me to the trailhead and hour later than planned, 12 pm.
  • Chatting with another hiker who had already been in town two days, and was taking another two days off, I decided to just cancel my shuttle, stay another two nights at the Snow Denn (but in the bunk room, rather than than a private room), and take the school bus back to the trail on Tuesday morning. This will be far cheaper, less the extra food I eat in town in the meantime.
  • The rest of the day was very lazy. I returned to The Brown Pub for lunch, and got dinner from the Indian restaurant instead of Thai.