Day 130: Zero in Wanaka
Monday, March 18, 2024 10:56 pm
Location: Wanaka / Adventure Wanaka Hostel (2664.7 km)

After two weeks of hiking (and cycling) since my last break, it is time to take another.

  • I got breakfast at Big Fig. The pancake (singular) was good, but the portion was way smaller than I expected.
  • I did laundry at the nearby gas station laundromat. The hostel’s laundry service, was backlogged until sometime tomorrow, so now that wasn’t even an option.
  • I got lunch at Speight’s Ale House, a burger.
  • I mailed my old pair of trekking poles, as well as my so-far-unused bug net back to CareFree in Auckland.
  • I got a 90-minute massage. It was wonderful for (mostly) working out the giant knot I had in my shoulder, and my arm and hand feels much better now.
  • I returned to Speight’s for dinner, and got chicken parmesan, which was good, though I should have known better than to expect American-sized portions. I got a cheesecake for desert, which was also good, and also smaller than I expected.
  • I went to New World to get food for the next section, bringing me up to four days to get 93 km to Queenstown.