Day 96: Zero in St Arnaud
Tuesday, February 13, 2024 9:07 pm
Location: St Arnaud / Alpine Lodge (2000.9 km)

After a hard two weeks to start the South Island, I took a break in the small town of St Arnaud.

  • I slept in a bit, then wandered over to the general store to get breakfast. Finding that they didn’t serve breakfast until 9, I instead got part of my resupply that I knew I’d need, and which I could carry without needing a bag.
  • I returned to the store a little before 9 to get breakfast. It was okay, but slow, and they wouldn’t cook my eggs to order. They forgot to make the hot chocolate I’d ordered until I asked for it after my food was delivered.
  • I went to the DOC visitor center and got three managed hut tickets for this next section, to cover huts in the Nelson Lakes National Park that the hut pass I have doesn’t cover.
  • Later in the afternoon, I did my resupply from the general store. It was a bit expensive, but not unreasonably so given St Arnaud is a bit in the middle of nowhere.
  • I did laundry. My pants could practically stand up on their own from all the salt that’s accumulated over the past two weeks.
  • CareFree is sending the extra shirt I bought with me to the YHA in Hanmer Springs. (Mine has ripped on one shoulder, and the other is starting to show wear as well.)
  • I got a sandwich, cheesecake, some apples, and beef jerky for dinner, also from the general store. I didn’t really want anything the Alpine Lodge had to offer.
  • I have more breakfast food than I need, so ideally, I’ll get up early, make breakfast in my room, and leave early to get 25 km to John Tait Hut tomorrow.