Sack Shuffling
Friday, March 18, 2016 5:58 pm

I stopped by REI yesterday for some last-minute purchases. I bought some water purifier tablets (just in case the filter breaks or fails), two more extra ultralight dry sacks (one to replace one of the not-as-light sacks I already had), and a ultralight compression sack to replace the one for my sleeping bag. I also got a lightweight wallet.

I also wound up doing a pretty significant reshuffling of the contents of my pack, and everything seems to fit a little better, and not be as lopsided.

I'm no longer storing half the tent in the sack with the sleeping bag. It was kindly pointed out to me that the tent could quite possibly be wet, and the last thing I need is a wet sleeping bag.

I decided not to use the green ultralight dry sack for food, despite it being slightly larger, because it's rather a lot more flimsy. I may consider making a run to REI tomorrow on the way to dinner with my family to see if they have a larger sack I can use for food. Also, I need to exchange the foldable water bottle I got. I just noticed that it has a scratch in it that doesn't bode well for long-term structural stability. :(

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