Sunday, August 14, 2016 9:30 pm
Location: Days Inn, Lincoln NH (1823.3 miles)

With rain overnight, and lousy weather this morning, we decided that today would not be a good day to hike.

We went to Welsh's Restaurant, and took advantage of their Sunday all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. Everything there was good, but the made-to-order waffles were exceptional.

There, I ran into Bean, a SOBO I last saw at the Lost Mountain Shelter just past Damascus. (Still traveling south, she had started in Harper's Ferry and flipped up to Katahdin after finishing the southern half of the trail.)

After breakfast, we drove to Pinkham Notch to pick up my car, and then drove to Lincoln so Papa Monkey and Rainbow could look at new shoes. While there, we ran into Phil Thomson from Mt. Cube.

Since the weather tomorrow was supposed to be good, with the forecast somewhat murky later in the week, we decided that we needed to do our longest section of the Whites tomorrow, the 16.3 miles between Kinsman and Franconia Notches.

We got room at the Days Inn in Lincoln, near to Franconia Notch, staged my car at Franconia Notch, and grabbed dinner at the Woodstock Inn.

With a long day planned for tomorrow, we retired early, and planned to get up equally early.