Day 12: Trail Town Hopping
Friday, April 26, 2019 9:19 pm
Location: TN 68 / Tellico Plains (127.1 miles)

CareFree and I made our way from Ducktown to Tellico Plains today, though not without some effort.

  • We spent an hour trying to get rides from people at the gas station attached to our hotel. People were very friendly, and the first people we talked to were “I could if it were yesterday” or “I could if it were tomorrow”. Though, we did have a good long conversation with Joe, a biker.

  • We got some cardboard to use for signs. It helped strike up conversations at the gas station, but didn’t get us rides to where we needed to go.

  • We had a lot of offers to get us part-way, but since I knew there was no cell service, I didn’t want us to get stranded somewhere we couldn’t call for help from.

  • We returned to the Copper Station for lunch, then went to the roadside to try and hitch. That was not in the slightest bit effective.

  • I called all the people offering shuttles in the Tellico Plains area listed in the BMT Thru-hikers guidebook. After some back and forth, I got someone who was able to help. An hour later, we were on our way to Tellico Plains. Thanks so much, Brenda!

  • We checked into the Tellico Lodge, which was very nice. We were happy to learn they make a continental breakfast in the mornings.

  • We immediately took a short nap after getting into our room.

  • After trying and failing to order pizza for delivery, we went to the other pizza place in town (and didn’t get pizza) primarily because they also had beer.

  • We returned to our room and went to sleep.

Welcome to Tellico Plains
Welcome to Tellico PlainsGateway to the Cherokee National Forest