Location: NH 25 / Dolly Copp Campsites (1790.4 miles)

I got up at 5:45 am, to somewhat miserable weather. Today wasn't looking good for hiking up a steep mountain.

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Welcome to the Whites
Location: NH 25 / Hikers Welcome Hostel (1790.4 miles)

The morning was not off to a good start, with pretty much everyone telling me, before I even got out of bed, what I should do, and I really wasn't very happy about it.

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View from Smarts Mountain
Location: NH 25A / Mt. Cube Sugar Farm (1780.6 miles)

When a truck pulled into the driveway around midnight, I knew we'd made a big mistake. Papa Monkey had to move his car so the truck could fully get into the driveway, and also move his tent away from the front door.

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View Southeast from Holts Ledge
Location: Grafton Turnpike / Ackerly Residence (1764.5 miles)

Linda Hart continued her tradition of feeding hikers by providing us with eggs and sausage (and also coffee) in the morning. This helped wake us up early. (Well, what really woke me up was when someone turned on the exceedingly loud coffee machine at 5 am. I have no idea how Clo Bear slept for the next hour with that thing going next to her head.)

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Connecticut River
Location: Trescott Rd / Hart Family (1750.0 miles)

After getting back to the hotel at 4:15 am, I "slept in" until 8:30, at which point, I was remarkably awake. I'm sure the nap I took in the car while Rainbow drove part of the way back helped.

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