Travel to Lordsburg, NM
Sunday, April 24, 2022 10:18 pm
Location: Lordsburg, NM (0.0 miles)

Today, I traveled from Tucson, AZ to Lordsburg, NM, the first trail town on the CDT.

CareFree and I got up “early” this morning, aiming to get to our hotel’s breakfast buffet as early as possible. With breakfast out of the way, we finished packing everything, and got a ride to the Greyhound station.

I wasn’t the only hiker going to Lordsburg for the CDT. While we were waiting to board the bus, at least four other hikers arrived. And for some of them, the CDT is going to be their first long-distance hike.

Our bus departed Tucson on-time, and the ride to Lordsburg was uneventful. As we approached Lordsburg, we gradually climbed towards the continental divide, rising from Tucson’s 2,600 ft elevation to Lordsburg’s 4,300 ft. The mountains in the distance on either side of the interstate gradually decreased in height above the plain.

Lordsburg, New Mexico
Lordsburg, New Mexico

We arrived in Lordsburg a couple of minutes early, dropped off in a parking lot adjacent to a McDonald’s. With about an hour and a half to kill before we could check in, we opted to get lunch right then.

Judging from the other hikers in the McDonald’s, it seems that this year, fanny packs will be quite popular on trail. We counted them on at least ten other hikers.

After we finished eating, we walked over to the EconoLodge. While we waited for the room to be cleaned so we could check in, we chatted with the manager, who’d been here for eight years, and seemed to be very hiker-friendly. Tomorrow, though, is her last day, as the motel is under new ownership, by owners who want to manage the motel themselves.

Once we were able to check in, we relaxed for a bit, and then took a short walk around town to locate the pickup spot for the CDTC shuttle to the terminus tomorrow. I also checked out two of the three grocery stores in town to determine what my resupply options were.

Despite the motel offering hiker laundry for $5 (reasonably priced), when we came back, we saw clothes lying on the ground next to two rooms; I guess $5 was too much for them and they washed their clothes in the sink and put them out to dry in the sun.

In the evening, I walked back to the McDonald’s to get us dinner. The lobby was closed due to understaffing, and I had to walk through the drive-thru to order. This made me wonder about the Dollar General I checked out earlier today; they had, hanging from the shelves under nearly every item, “requisition orders” for more employees. Clearly, the town has an employment problem.

After dinner, I got my last shower before the trail, and repacked my pack.

Now, it’s off to bed early. The shuttle to the southern terminus leaves at 6:30 am tomorrow, and I can’t be late!