Day 57: Zero in Basalt
Monday, June 27, 2022 9:39 pm
Location: Twin Lakes General Store / Basalt, CO

Today was a very lazy day in Basalt, Colorado.

  • We had breakfast; eggs, bacon, toast, fruit salad, and yogurt.
  • I went to an outfitter, hoping to get a new pair of boots. They didn’t have any in the size I needed, but I was able to get a new pair of liner socks, since I’ve dwindled from four pairs to one and a half as they all gradually developed holes in the heel.
  • I grabbed a burger at Sure Thing Burgers. It was good, and came with a free ice cream cone.
  • Sue and Michael made us a fantastic dinner of pasta and salad.
  • We planned for tomorrow; we’ll leave Basalt around 9 am, and have a short day of hiking up to a campsite on the tree line of Mount Elbert, the highest mountain in Colorado. We’ll then summit and come down the other side on Wednesday.
  • Rather than going to Breckinridge, we’ll be heading into Leadville, so Pale Ale, Sprouts, and Stumblebee can get hoodies from Melanzana, a famous by-appointment-only hoodie manufacturer. Pale Ale also worked out a plan for slackpacking a section north of Leadville.