Denver Detour Day 3
Monday, July 11, 2022 11:59 pm
Location: Berthoud Pass / Denver

Today was a second personal day in Denver with CareFree.

  • CareFree and I planned out the next section of trail, from Berthoud Pass to Grand Lake. This section should take three days of hiking. That would give us two more days in Grand Lake (one for slackpacking the Rocky Mountain National Park loop, and one for a zero) before I head on, and she heads to Las Vegas to meet with friends.
  • I booked three nights for us at Shadowcliff Mountain Lodge in Grand Lake, starting on Friday. That’s about 54 miles in three days we’ll have to hike. This is a little aggressive, but doable, I think.
  • We did our resupply, first going to Target, and then to Walmart when she couldn’t get a working SIM card for her phone. I picked up a new screen protector for my phone, to replace the last one that cracked after I dropped my phone on the way into Silverton. In addition to the food we got to go from Winter Park to Grand Lake, I also got food to send in a box to Encampment, the first trail town in Wyoming.
  • We caught a screening of Thor: Love and Thunder.