Day 69: Return to Winter Park
Tuesday, July 12, 2022 9:38 pm
Location: Berthoud Pass / Winter Park / Viking Lodge (919.7 miles)

Today, CareFree and I made our way back to Winter Park.

  • After packing and checking out of our hotel, we went to the post office. I mailed home my ice axe and microspikes. It’ll be great not having to lug two extra pounds of snow gear around now that the snow’s essentially all gone. I also sent a box to Encampment, the first trail town in Wyoming, with food to get me to South Pass City.
  • On the way back to Denver’s Union Station, I ran into Ypsilon again.
  • It took us about two hours for our bus to take us to Winter Park, and we got there a bit after 5.
  • We tried to get a room at Viking Lodge, but no one was behind the front desk and the phone number to call just rang in the office. Fortunately, there was a second number to call; the owner was a good 45 minutes away two towns over, but would check us in once he got back to Winter Park.
  • We waited in the lobby for an hour and a half until he arrived, and finally got our room.
  • We went across the street to Ditch on 40 for dinner. Afterwards, we tried to get ice cream, but the ice cream shop next to the Viking had already closed. Still, we got a rainbow as consolation.
Rainbow over the Viking Lodge
Rainbow over the Viking Lodge
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