Day 122: Zero in Whitehall
Saturday, September 3, 2022 10:11 pm
Location: Butte Express: MT 55 & MT 422 / Whitehall / Town Hall Garage (1819.3 miles)

Rather than melting in hundred-degree weather, I opted to zero in Whitehall.

Explore Whitehall
Explore Whitehall
  • Recon, Sprouts, Velveeta, and I walked to a coffee place for breakfast, passing a small farmers and flea market on the side of the road on the way.
  • Recon and I arrived at the coffee place first, and found it closed. We walked back, instead going to a gas station’s store to get food for breakfast.
  • On the way back to the garage, I got some raspberries from the market. They’re the best raspberries I’ve had in a long while.
  • After noon, I went to the Two-Bit Saloon for lunch, and then to Jefferson Fresh Foods to get my (very small) resupply to make it to Butte.
  • Bass arrived sometime in the afternoon.
  • After repacking my resupply, I backflushed my water filter. It seems to be flowing at least a little better now, which will help until I can get a new one.
  • The inside of the town hall garage was warm, and occasionally a little stuffy, even when we turned on some fans. But, it was much better than being outside.
  • We ordered pizza for dinner, which was quite fantastic.
  • I planned out with Recon our next segment to Butte, since we’re the only ones trying to maintain a continuous footpath from where we got off the trail yesterday. We’re expecting two 19-ish mile days, the second of which will put us back on the CDT, and then less than five miles to the road to Butte.