Day 136: Zero in Queenstown
Sunday, March 24, 2024 7:40 pm
Location: Queenstown / Nomads Queenstown (2758.1 km)

Today was a lazy zero in Queenstown.

  • I slept in, until after 8. I needed the sleep.

  • I got breakfast at the restaurant next door to the hostel. I got there a few minutes before they opened, at nine.

  • I returned to the hostel and relaxed in the common room until lunchtime.

  • Not wanting to spend a lot of money on lunch, and just wanting something simple, I went to McDonald’s. Outside of big cities, I haven’t seen many of them in New Zealand.

  • I went to my new hostel, Nomads Queenstown, and waited in the lobby until I could check in at three.

  • I was first in my room, so bottom bunk for me. Yay!

  • I went to the nearby Four Square and got my resupply, four days along the Mavora Walkway to a highway where I’ll hitch into Te Anau.

  • Dinner was at a Thai place, @ Thai. It was very good.

  • The weather today was nice, though it little cool. In three evening, it started raining a lot.

  • Also in my room was Anna, from France, who came to New Zealand to get away from her job for a while, and was traveling with some friends for a little while before deciding to do her own thing. She asked me for travel advice for the North Island. I gave her some, but my experience is limited to the TA, so I’m not sure it was all that helpful.