Day 18: Zero in Hancock
Monday, September 14, 2020 10:21 pm
Location: Hancock / Hancock Motel (208.1 miles)

Although a “lazy” day of not hiking, I still had a quite lot of things to do today.

Welcome to Hancock
Welcome to Hancock

I will be deliberately lazy about one thing, though: instead of prose, a bullet-point write-up of the day.

  • I slept in a bit, though I didn’t get any extra sleep since I went to sleep far later than I intended last night.
  • Breakfast was reheated leftover pizza. Yum!
  • I took inventory of my remaining food (far too many snacks), and made my shopping list for resupply through Swift Run, PA.
  • I went to the post office to mail home some stuff, including the Tuscarora Trail south half guide. Found that I had forgotten to bring my wallet.
  • Went to the Dollar General to buy my resupply. Found this store didn’t take Apple Pay (unlike the last one I was at). Had to leave everything there, go back to my motel room, retrieve my wallet, and return to the store to pay.
  • The nearby Subway was closed. Went to the Sheetz and got a chicken sandwich and milkshake.
  • Ate lunch, then took a nap.
  • Packed my food.
  • Returned to the post office. Sent 10 oz of stuff home.
  • Contacted the Tuscarora State Forest in PA, on recommendation from PATC’s Tuscarora North District Manager, to ensure there wouldn’t be any problems with a lumber salvage operation.
  • Attempted to clear out my water filter with extensive backflushing. May have helped a little.
  • Contacted a B&B in Boiling Springs and arranged for a room.
  • Stretched out the hike from Boiling Springs to Harpers Ferry by a day to reduce the number of near-20 mile days.
  • Got another pizza (and milkshake) for dinner.

No alarm for tomorrow, since checkout isn’t until 11 and I have a short day planned for tomorrow.