Saturday, March 26, 2016 7:23 pm
Location: Deep Gap Shelter (66.0 miles)

I was uncertain how far I was going to push today. After dinner yesterday, I only had one more dinner left before needing to resupply. Foxtrot and Kemosabe graciously gave me some of their extra dehydrated meals, which gave me more options (in terms of confidence, anyway) of what to do the next two days. Tentative plan is to either push for Dicks Creek Gap and stay at Top of Georgia B&B, or go to one of the two shelters between Blue Mountain and there, and take a short day Sunday and only go as far as Dicks Gap.

I spent yesterday evening around a gigantic campfire, listening to stories from ex-navy submariners about (emphatically not hazing) rituals on submarines. Clear skies revealed the stars in all their majesty.

In the morning, my fuel canister ran out just before finishing boiling water for oatmeal, which was somewhat faster than expected. It probably would have lasted another day or two had it not been for the awful mess I made making Mac and Cheese the prior two nights.

This, of course put a new urgency on resupply, and while it would be a tough slog, the 20 miles to Dicks Creek Gap and Top of Georgia was looking attractive.

Today, the weather was somewhat miserable. Grey, overcast skies, high humidity, and a short drizzle in the afternoon. The hike was also grueling. Today started off with a nice downhill, followed by a steep and lengthy climb, followed by another long downhill and an incredibly grueling climb up Tray Mountain. The day ended mostly downhill after that, though.

View from Rocky Mountain
View from Rocky Mountain
Swag of the Blue Ridge
Swag of the Blue Ridge

Upon reaching the side trail for the Deep Gap shelter, I called Top of Georgia, then only 3.6 miles away, also all downhill. Unfortunately, they were completely full, so pushing there today made no sense, so I just went to the shelter. There, Foot graciously spared some of his fuel so I could cook dinner.

Still feeling exhausted, and somewhat wet, so not really feeling like socializing tonight. Unless a fire gets started. Maybe then.

On the hike here, ran into Kismet and Polly again. They ultimately passed me on the slog up Tray mountain (they're way faster than me on uphills, especially when I'm tired, but not so great on downhills), and I wound up getting to the shelter shortly after them.

The weather forecast for tomorrow looks miserable, so I wanted to take a short day and stop at TOG, but they're full for tomorrow as well. I will probably stop there anyway for resupply, and only head as far as the next shelter, 8.1 miles from here.