Sunday, May 1, 2016 8:10 pm
Location: Damascus, VA / Woodchuck Hostel (469.9 miles)

It was a slow zero day in Damascus. We had waffles at the hostel, and then went into town to go to the outfitter, who was not yet open. So we instead followed Sassy to the local Pizza Plus for another all-you-can-eat pizza buffet.

While I was resupplying at the Dollar General, Beast was at the outfitter getting re-measured for a pack. This measuring showed that he was given the wrong sized pack at the outfitter in Gatlinburg. He then arranged with the Gatlinburg outfitter for a replacement, properly sized pack to be sent to the motel we expect to stay at in Marion on Friday.

Beast also had a mail drop in Damascus to swap winter gear with summer gear. He was kind enough to let me put my sandals in with his equipment going home. I'd have preferred to send the sandals (to my) home, but we seem to always arrive in town on Sundays, when the post office isn't open, and it's not worth spending as much as outfitters would charge to handle mailing just a pair of sandals.

While we were back at the hostel (Beast handling his equipment swap and me reloading my food bags), I noticed that there was an active wasp nest being built in our teepee. (Fortunately, Woodchuck almost immediately removed it, after I told him about it but before I actually asked him to do something about it when he had a chance!)

Chores done, we went back into town for lunch. Our second attempt at the Mexican restaurant met with failure: they had closed (early; half days on Sunday) just minutes before. We wound up back at Bobo McFarlands, where I had a burger that was so good, I ordered a second one. (I highly recommend their "Black and blue" chili-sauce cheeseburger.)

Back at the hostel, we killed more time, and then went to sleep, hoping our de-wasped teepee would stay dry tonight.