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Virginia contains Shenandoah National Park, and potions of the Appalachian Trail and Tuscarora Trail. Virginia contains more of the AT than any other single state.

Appalachian Trail, 2016

Day Hikes

Benton MacKaye Trail, 2019

Tuscarora Trail, 2020


Trying to Get Some Shut-eye
Welcome to Virginia
Tennessee/Virginia Border
Welcome to Damascus
Woodchuck Hostel's Teepee
No Parents, No Bedtime
Foggy Forest
View from Elk Garden
View from Thomas Knob Shelter
Wild Pony
Entrance to the Grayson Highlands
500 Miles!
Grayson Highlands
Fox Creek
Comers Creek Waterfall
View from Glade Mountain
Covered Bridge
Field with Lone Tree
One Quarter
One Quarter Sign
Rhododendron Blossom
View of Burkes Garden
View towards Pearisburg
Orange Juice AT
Antique Cuckoo Clock
View of Southern Outskirts of Pearisburg
Waterfall and Stream
View from Wind Rock
Longstride and Beast at Wind Rock
Flower Garden
Eastern Continental Divide
Hotel Room Key
Spider Webs
Audie Murphy Memorial
Audie Murphy Memorial Plaque
View from North Side of Brush Mountain
View from Cove Mountain
Dragons Tooth
View from Dragons Tooth
Rhododendrons in Bloom
McAfee Knob
Beast and Longstride at McAfee Knob
Beast at Tinker Mountain
View West from Tinker Cliffs
Longstride at Tinker Cliffs
View from Tinker Cliffs
Taylors Mountain Overlook
Cloud Tutu
The Guillotine
James River Footbridge
View from Little Rocky Row
View from Big Rocky Row
View East from Bluff Mountain
Majestic Cloud
800 Miles!
800 Miles!
Meadows on Cole Mountain
Tree Arch
Fern-Lined Trail
View from Spy Rock
View South-East from The Priest
View South-East from Three Ridges Mountain
View from Hanging Rock Overlook
Mountain Laurel Blossoms
An Approaching Storm
View from Loft Mountain
View from Hightop Mountain
Handicap Parking
View Northwest from near Big Meadows
Hawksbill Scree
View from Little Stony Man Cliffs
View from Jewell Hollow Overlook
View from South Marshall Mountain
Ridgetop Clearing
Shenandoah Park Boundary Sign
Sky Meadows
The Roller Coaster
1000 Miles!
Virginia - West Virginia Border
View North-West from Little Hogback
Clouds in the Valley
Chimney Ruins
Timber Hollow Waterfall
Waterfall on Cedar Run
View from Hawksbill Summit
Waterfall in Whiteoak Canyon
Chimney Ruins
Old Bottle
House Ruins
Flower-Lined Trail
Meadow on the Ambassador Whitehouse Trail
View from Whitehouse Overlook
View from Piedmont Overlook
Fairfax County’s Cross County Trail
Stream Crossing
House Ruins
Difficult Run
Confluence of Difficult Run and the Potomac River
Rainy Flower
South Branch Loop Trail
View West from Turk Mountain
View North from Turk Mountain
Deer Picking a Fight
Frazier Discovery Trail
Rock Wall
View West from Rock Outcropping
Taylor Mountain View
View from Molly’s Knob
Rocky Trail
Nice Trail
A Lush, Green, and Damp Trail
View from Bears Den Rocks
“View” from Buzzard Hill
Creek and Bridge
Spider and Web
View from the Sky Meadows North Ridge Trail
Ghostly Cows
A Wet Spider Web
Dark Trail Corridor
A Buck
Gloomy Forest
Small Creek
View West to Massanutten
View West
Follow the Blue Blazes Now
Upper Overall Falls
Big Falls and Valley
South Fork Shenandoah River
A Caterpillar Naps on a Branch
Werewolf Mask
Shenandoah River
Spider in Orb Web
The Point
North Fork Shenandoah River
Daddy Cloudbird, Mamma Cloudbird, and Cloudbird Children
Daddy and Momma Cloudbird merge to form Angry Cloudbird; Baby Cloudbird keeps its distance.
Shenandoah Valley
Shenandoah Valley at Sunrise
View from White Rocks
Trout Run Valley
Grassy Switchbacks
Grassy Road
View from Eagle Rock
The Forest
View from the Pinnacle Overlook
Rocky Trail
Privy Spider Gonna Get You
Cow Meadow