Washington Monument
Location: Raven Rock Shelter (1059.1 miles)

I got a late start this morning, around 9, mostly because I stayed up later than I expected talking with Slider and other hikers. In a first for me on the AT, I saw a raccoon on the trail as I was leaving the campground.

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Potomac River
Location: Dahlgren Backpack Campground (1040.3 miles)

As the last two days, I got breakfast from the hotel's self-serve breakfast room. Then I finished packing, and left the hotel at 9:30 with what felt like my heaviest pack ever.

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Location: US 340 / Harpers Ferry (1022.2 miles)

Like yesterday, I slept in a bit and grabbed breakfast in the hotel's breakfast room. Returning to my room after eating my fill, I began planning out the next week of hiking; I needed to resupply my food at some point today, and knowing how far I was going to go before my next resupply was somewhat important.

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Longstride in Harpers Ferry
Location: US 340 / Harpers Ferry (1022.2 miles)

On Saturday, I got to sleep in a bit before my mom, my uncle Jack, and his fiancée Kathy, arrived at my hotel in Harpers Ferry shortly before 10. My mom brought a few things from REI: new boots (the ones I started the hike with were starting to be in pretty poor shape), socks, and rubber trekking pole covers to use in rocky areas. She also brought a bag of Jolly Ranchers and a bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies (yum!). My uncle brought a box of 24 Clif bars, which was quite a bit more than I needed. (That many would probably last easily 120 miles, if not more; it'd be easily two resupplies worth of bars. When I do the rest of my food resupply in town, I'll probably wind up getting fewer Snickers bars and eating extra Clif bars in place of Snickers, to keep the weight down.)

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Virginia - West Virginia Border
Location: US 340 / Harpers Ferry (1022.2 miles)

I wound up leaving the hostel a bit later than I wanted; 8:30 rather than 7:30 or 8. My target today was Harpers Ferry, specifically, the Econo Lodge that's just off the trail after it crosses the Shenandoah River. While I didn't need to get in early (I made reservations yesterday during one of my breaks), I still didn't want to get in late enough that getting dinner would be problematic.

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