Trail Magic at Woody Gap
Location: Woody Gap (20.8 miles)

Lunch at Woody Gap courtesy of a bunch of local hikers. Hot dogs, bananas, brownies, beans, soda, and water! Thanks so much!

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Location: Gooch Mountain Shelter (15.8 miles)

It was warmer last night, and I slept much better. Not sure how much of that was the temperature and how much was using my down coat as a pillow, but either way, I'm feeling much better now than I was last night.

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The Forest
Location: Gooch Mountain Shelter (15.8 miles)

After an extremely arduous hike today, the hardest I've ever done, I made it to the Gooch Mountain shelter around 6-6:30. My dinner of Ramen and Mac & Cheese was a bit of experimentation. My cook pot is not large enough to do the entire bag of M&C all at once, and even with splitting it in half, both the ramen and M&C boiled over. But, I think I have it figured out how to do it tomorrow with less water and less mess.

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Location: Hawk Mountain Shelter (8.1 miles)

Lunch at Hawk Mountain shelter.

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Location: Stover Creek Shelter (2.8 miles)

First night of camping went well, when I wasn't cutting off circulation in my arm from sleeping on my side against a hard surface. Breakfast was two delicious packs of instant oatmeal.

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