Location: Peters Mountain Shelter (1157.6 miles)

Although it was warm in my room overnight, I slept quite well. After a quick little bit of packing, I went across the street to Goodies Restaurant for breakfast at around 6:30, only to find that the restaurant, which was supposed to open at 6, was not yet open. Dejected, I returned to my room to finish packing everything, including the food I bought yesterday, and by the time I was finished packing everything, the restaurant was finally open (over an hour late).

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Location: Duncannon / Doyle Hotel (1146.6 miles)

As expected, the campsite was very quiet, rather unlike yesterday's train-infested campground. I didn't see anyone last night, and this morning, only a few people came by on the trail before I finished breaking camp.

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Location: Campsite (1139.2 miles)

I attempted to get to sleep around 10 last night. I'm not sure I actually fell asleep until after 11, but it's unlikely to have mattered. Between when I got back to camp, and when I got up in the morning, nine trains went through.

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Location: Boiling Springs Backpackers Campsite (1120.6 miles)

After a waffle breakfast at the hostel, I stopped by the general store to pick up a soda to drink at my first break, and continued along the trail.

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Location: Pine Grove Furnace SP / Ironmasters Mansion Hostel (1101.7 miles)

Although the weather forecast called for rain, by morning, the risk of rain was gone and the forecast was for sunny skies. Perfect for a hike. After a brief rocky section, and with a few exceptions later on, the whole day had great, level terrain, and I was able to move quite quickly.

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