Location: Grafton Notch / Pine Ellis Lodging (1921.9 miles)

Apart from a shower and nap, and writing a belated blog post, I did absolutely nothing productive today. It was quite relaxing, and my leg was most appreciative.

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Location: Grafton Notch (1902.6 Gentian Pond - 1907.8 Carlo Col fillin) / Pine Ellis Lodging (1921.9 miles)

In contrast to the breakfast burritos previous days, today's breakfast at White Mountains was French toast, and it was amazing.

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Location: (1907.8 Carlo Col - 1921.9 Grafton Notch) / White Mountains Lodge and Hostel (1916.7 miles)

Papa Monkey said he wanted to leave at 5, so I got up at 4:30 and readied my gear. Rainbow and I left a little late, at 5:05, to pick up Papa Monkey, who stayed at White Birches last night. He wasn't actually ready, so we didn't leave there until 5:30.

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Location: Gentian Pond Shelter / White Mountains Lodge and Hostel (1902.6 miles)

After a punishing hike through the Whites, Rainbow and I took the day off. Papa Monkey hiked the section of trail between Gentian Pond Shelter and the White Mountains hostel he missed the day I did that section.

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Location: Gentian Pond Shelter (1843.4 Crawford Notch Parking lot - 1856.2 Mt. Washington fillin) / White Mountains Lodge and Hostel (1902.6 miles)

Today was our last day in the Whites. After our breakfast buffet at the Highland Center, we headed to the Crawford Notch parking lot where we left off a few days ago, picking up a hitchhiker going there as well.

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