Waterfall and Stream
Location: Campsite at 643.1 (643.1 miles)

Beast and I got up after 8 today, and went to Dairy Queen for breakfast. (I wound up having two.) After finishing packing our packs, We walked over to the Hardees, on the right side of the street for trying to get a ride out of town to the trailhead. After trying to get a ride unsuccessfully for ten minutes we gave up; no one was going in that direction.

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Orange Juice AT
Location: Narrows Rd / Pearisburg / Plaza Motel (635.1 miles)

The morning started off with a great homemade breakfast at Woods Hole. The only thing disappointing about it was that there were help-yourself seconds available that I didn't notice until after I had put my plate in the dishwasher.

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Location: Sugar Run Gap / Woods Hole Hostel (623.5 miles)

Today's hike is dedicated to my dad, who died one year ago today.

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Location: Jenny Knob Shelter (601.8 miles)

Rain is the worst part of tenting. I was hoping the 40% chance of "scattered thunderstorms" would pass us by, but alas, they did not. Around midnight or 1 am, a thunderstorm with long, rolling thunder passed by, and in the morning, it just rained.

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Location: Laurel Creek Campsites (583.0 miles)

One of the downsides to shelters is the the noise other people make. While other people snoring hasn't been too much of a problem for me so far, I was constantly awoken by the air mattress of the hiker sleeping next to me. His mattress made noise every time he moved, and he moved a lot. At one point, I couldn't tell if the noise was rain, or his mattress, it was so loud. As a result, I started off the day later (8 am) and with less sleep than I had intended. Not really what I needed on a day I'm attempting 24 miles.

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