Taylors Mountain Overlook
Location: Jennings Creek (755.7 miles)

The weather today was beautiful. Sunny, with no chance of rain. It was a bit warm, but there was a nice cool breeze constantly blowing throughout the day. It was a great day for a hike.

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Location: Wilson Creek Shelter (738.7 miles)

Cynthia made us scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast, and Beast and I decided to push our planned 8:00 departure to 10:30, since we weren't finished packing and we were only going about 11 miles.

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Location: US 220 / Daleville (727.5 miles)

Cynthia made for Beast and I a breakfast of eggs and sausage, and then she, Philip, and Beast's mom left to go to church, leaving us to enjoy our zero.

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McAfee Knob
Location: US 220 / Daleville (727.5 miles)

After breakfast (quiche leftovers), Beast's mom gave us a ride to where we left off yesterday, and we began our hike to the most photographed place on the trail, McAffe Knob. We started in fog, of course, since that seems to be the weather of choice these days, and began our ascent and the beginning of a long day of hiking.

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Dragons Tooth
Location: VA 311 (707.7 miles)

After a wonderful homemade breakfast of quiche by Cynthia, her husband Phillip gave us a ride to the trailhead we stopped at yesterday. Today, my leg feels better, and Beast is trying a shoe half a size smaller than yesterday, with the insoles he expects to use, so we're hopeful today's 13 mile slackpack will shake out all the problems, and we'll be in a good position for a 20 mile slackpack tomorrow.

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