Franklin Baptist Church Hikers Breakfast
Location: Franklin, NC (109.8 miles)

Thursday was mostly low-key. Woke up around 7 for free breakfast (pancakes and bacon) by the First Baptist Church of Franklin, NC, who gives free food to hikers every morning for about a month during the NOBO bubble. Went back to Motor Company Grill for another burger, got a free shuttle to the local Wal-Mart for resupply (I almost certainly have way too much food right now, but more snacks I can eat during the day, so I should be in better condition by the time I make it to camp.)

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Stream and Waterfalls
Location: Winding Stair Gap / Franklin NC (109.8 miles)

Started off today a little sluggish, but my thigh felt much improved. Beast, Loon, and Verge all went on ahead while I was still packing up my tent.

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100 Miles
Wednesday, March 30, 2016 10:56 am
Location: Albert Mountain Fire Tower (100.1 miles)

After a steep climb, a major milestone: 100 miles!

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Location: Betty Creek Gap Campsite (97.6 miles)

Today started off cold, and rather than use a lot of fuel to heat almost-freezing water and a cookpot, I just had some cereal bars for breakfast.

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An Old and Twisted Tree
Location: Muskrat Creek Shelter (81.4 miles)

Quiet start to the day. Breakfast at Taco Bell, then walked over the post office to mail my useless solar charger back home, then to the food store to pick up more food for the next few days.

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