View West from Max Patch
Location: Garenflo Cascade (265.8 miles)

Friday was a terrible trio of uphills. Really slow going; we did our 15 miles at just less than 2 mph.

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"UFO" Communications Tower
Location: Brown Gap (250.4 miles)

Thursday was a 10 mile day, from the road to the hostel we were evacuated from, to Brown Gap. Relatively short, but also very uphill (over 3500 ft of elevation gain). We got started somewhat late, around 10:30, after a delicious continental breakfast (with waffles!) at the Best Western, with Beast's parents, who dropped us back off at the trail where we left off. (Thanks again!)

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View from Old Black
Location: Green Corner Rd (240.6 miles)

Wednesday was awesome.

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Location: Tri-corner Knob Shelter (222.2 miles)

Neither Beast nor I could get a break today.

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Location: Icewater Spring Shelter (210.1 miles)

The last three days have been strange beyond belief; I've attempted to convey that oddness over the previous two entries, but it's truly not possible to convey just how strange it has been. Gatlinburg has been a strange little town that we've visited, and that strangeness simply does not want to let us go. (Well, mostly Beast; nearly all the unfortunate things the last few days have been at his expense.)

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