Spider Webs
Location: VA 620 (693.9 miles)

Beast and I got up early (though certainly not motivated by the weather), cleared out of the hotel room, and borrowed one of his parents' cars to drive to the trailhead. His parents would later drive their other car over to the trailhead to pick it up, and his dad would meet us at the next road crossing to pick us up.

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Hotel Room Key
Location: VA 621 (686.4 miles)

The predicted rain overnight didn't materialize, nor did the rain that was called for this morning, but it was still foggy and miserable in the morning.

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Location: Niday Shelter (685.0 miles)

By the time we woke up, it had already started drizzling, which set the tone for the day. Beast and I managed to get going on our hike around 8:15.

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View from Wind Rock
Location: Laurel Creek Shelter (672.6 miles)

Beast and I were pretty sluggish this morning, and even with breakfast at the hotel, did not manage to get out of the hotel until 11.

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Location: Mountain Lake Road / Mountain Lake Hotel (661.7 miles)

It was cold this morning. Not quite freezing, but close. Not wanting to get out of my sleeping bag, I went back to sleep, hoping it would be warmer in an hour. It may have been warmer, but really not by much. I then tried to all the packing possible inside my sleeping bag and tent, but eventually, I had to get out to pack those up. The cold had us moving pretty slowly, and we didn't get started on today's hike until 9.

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