View from Stecoah Gap
Location: Fontana Dam Shelter (165.9 miles)

Today started off with some relatively uninteresting terrain, leading up to Stecoah Gap. After the gap, a moderate 250 ft elevation gain gave way to the 600 ft gain over 0.6 mi that is "Jacobs Ladder".

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Cheoah Bald
Location: Locust Cove Gap campsite (147.7 miles)

Despite having packed the night before, Beast and I didn't actually get going much faster than usual. The morning brought an almost 4000 ft climb over seven miles. Most of it was not too difficult (except for the length), but there were some difficult sections over rocks and a few very steep sections. Thank goodness for switchbacks!

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View from The Jumpoff
Location: Nantahala Outdoor Center / Dogwood Cabin (137.4 miles)

It was cold this morning, and we were all kind of lethargic getting going, but we all eventually managed to escape from the cocoon of our sleeping bags and turn into the beautiful trail butterflies we were meant to be.

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View from Wesser Bald Observation Tower
Location: Wesser Bald Shelter (131.4 miles)

Last night, apparently there were two groups of coyotes circling the shelter calling out to each other. I say apparently, because despite the incredible amount of tossing and turning I did, I never heard a thing.

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Trail Magic
Location: Burningtown Gap (124.4 miles)

Thanks so much to the Burningtown Baptist Church for some morning trail magic. Biscuits, sausage, cookies, brownies, and other snacks.

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