Fire & Snow Delay: Day 2: Travel to Casa Bonita
Sunday, May 22, 2022 10:20 pm
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

The second day of our fire and snow detour moved us from a hotel to the Air B&B where we’ll be staying through Friday.

  • The power in our hotel turned back on at 2:15 am, and with it, so did every light in our room. Everyone woke up, except for Patches, who slept through the whole thing. I was disoriented, wondering how it could be morning already. We all used the restroom (except for Patches, still asleep), and got the lights turned off.
  • The power outage had caused the microwave to lose its time, so it began (very brightly) blinking “PLEASE PRESS SET TIME”. I hesitated appeasing it, not wanting to wake people up with the beeps I expected the microwave to make, but eventually, I had to deal with it, because the blinking was making it difficult to get to sleep. Fortunately, it made no noise, and I managed to get it into a state where nothing at all was shown.
  • A motion-sensing light in the closet continually sensed motion and kept turning on and off, shining through the closet door. There appeared no way to stop it.
  • We got up around 7:30 for breakfast, and then most of us went back to sleep for another couple of hours.
Hikers Waiting for a Ride
Hikers Waiting for a RideLongstride, Patches, Mr. Freeze, Plus One, Dog Bite
  • We got a ride to our Air B&B, listed as “Casa Bonita”. It’s a nice place, though somewhat sparse. We think we’re the first (or among the first) to stay here, based on the curious lack of some kitchen implements.

  • Plus One, Patches, Mr. Freeze, and I walked to the nearby food store and got food to eat for the next several days here. On our car ride back, we nearly completely filled the trunk with all of our groceries.

  • By the time we returned from the food store, Kyra and Kiernan had arrived.

  • We cooked dinner; Patches cooked the meat that he, Mr. Freeze, and I bought. Mr. Freeze made a (lot) of vegetables, which should last us a few days.

  • I walked back to the supermarket to pick up a few essentials we’d forgotten to get earlier (plastic wrap and aluminum foil for leftovers), and a deck of cards.

  • We played a number of entertaining drinking games, until we were too tired (or inebriated) to keep going.

Dog Bite, the Artist
Dog Bite, the Artist
The Continental Divide Trail
The Continental Divide TrailArtwork by Dog Bite.