Long Pond
Location: ME 4 / Rangeley / Farmhouse Inn (1968.7 miles)

Papa Monkey, Pigeon Toe, and I, along with some other hikers who were getting shuttles to ME 17 but not slackpacking, headed off to the trail shortly after 7. On the drive there, we saw a moose in a clearing with a small lake to the side of the road.

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Mooselookmeguntic Lake
Location: ME 17 / Pine Ellis Lodging (1955.5 miles)

Today, the plan was for 13.2 miles from South Arm Rd to ME 17, joined by Papa Monkey and Pigeon Toe. Given the longer distance, we opted for our shuttle to leave at 7 am. Unfortunately, my alarm didn’t wake me up, so I rolled out of bed a little after 6. Fortunately, I didn’t have much to pack, so despite the late start, I was ready by the time the shuttle was.

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Surplus Pond
Location: South Arm Rd / Pine Ellis Lodging (1942.3 miles)

I had scheduled my shuttle to the trailhead this morning for 9 am because, according to the weather forecast, the rain would be done by then. That turned out not to be the case, and there was a light drizzle on the way out to the trailhead, though fortunately, it stopped raining shortly after I got to the trailhead.

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View from Baldpate West Peak
Location: East B Hill Rd / Pine Ellis Lodging (1932.2 miles)

Continuing my goal to slackpack as far as "reasonable", I got up at 5:45 for the 7 am shuttle to Grafton Notch. Because of the road placements, today would be relatively short, only 10.3 miles.

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Location: Grafton Notch / Pine Ellis Lodging (1921.9 miles)

Apart from a shower and nap, and writing a belated blog post, I did absolutely nothing productive today. It was quite relaxing, and my leg was most appreciative.

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