Location: East Flagstaff Rd / Stratton Motel (2017.6 miles)

Today was awfully lazy. I didn't leave for breakfast at the Loony Moose until almost 9:30. (It was just as gigantic today as it was yesterday.) I hung out in the common area most of the afternoon not really doing much of anything, until I finally went over to the grocery store across the street and got the snacks I needed for resupply. (As well as a 2 liter bottle of soda, because why not?)

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Location: East Flagstaff Rd / Stratton Motel (2017.6 miles)

It stormed overnight, with rain and lightning, but the weather cleared up nicely by morning, and it was a nice day out.

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View North from Little Bigelow Mountain
Location: East Flagstaff Rd / Stratton Motel (2017.6 miles)

As I mentioned yesterday, today’s hike is 16.7 miles from ME 27, over the Bigelows, the last major mountains before the Hundred Mile Wilderness, to East Flagstaff Road. With a 7:30 am shuttle planned, I was able to “sleep in” until about 6:30. The shuttle wound up not leaving for the trailhead until closer to 8, though, delayed as a result of picking up hikers from other hotels.

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2000 Miles!
Location: ME 27 / Stratton / Stratton Motel (2000.9 miles)

I got up today at 5:30 am for a scheduled 6:15 shuttle: today would be a longer day — 17.4 miles (plus a mile and a half to get to the AT) — from Barnjam Rd to ME 27, so we decided on an earlier start time. Unfortunately, the shuttle was late, and we didn’t get to the trailhead until almost 8 am.

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View from Saddleback Mountain
Location: Barnjam Rd / Farmhouse Inn (1983.5 miles)

I wound up not sleeping well last night; I don’t think I got to sleep until after 2 am. (I think my bed was at fault; I don’t think it was quite level.) It also rained, with lightning. Fortunately, that was all done and over with by morning.

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