View from Stratton Tower
Location: William B. Douglas Shelter (48.6 miles)

After a restful sleep, I left camp just before 7 am, and began the climb up Stratton Mountain. As I remembered, it was a long and, in parts, steep climb. While the cool morning air was still somewhat humid, the trail itself was noticeably drier than it had been on previous days.

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View east from Kid Gore Shelter
Location: Stratton-Arlington Road Campsite (36.9 miles)

Today was looking to be an improvement on all fronts. Though some very low clouds were rolling through in the early morning, it was a little bit less humid than it had been earlier in the week. And my ankle, having overnight to rest, was feeling much better, though still not fully recovered. I left Goddard Shelter around 7 am, a reasonably early start to what would hopefully be a not terribly difficult day of mostly gentle downhill.

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William D MacArthur Memorial Bridge over City Stream
Location: Goddard Shelter (24.4 miles)

Shortly after hiker midnight (9 pm) last night, some heavy rain, thunder, and lightning rolled in, and it was quite the show. The storm must have been quite close, since many of the thunderclaps managed to noticeably shake the shelter. So, it was a very interesting first night out on the Long Trail. (I imagine the hikers who tented had an even more interesting night than I did.)

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At the Pine Cobble Trailhead
Location: Congdon Shelter (10.0 miles)

Today started off with a pancake and bacon breakfast at Moonlight Diner and Grill, before starting off on a walk to the trailhead. As luck would have it, before I got too far, a car pulled over and asked if I wanted a ride. As it turned out, it was the same person as gave me a ride last night, Sonora.

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Longstride at the Southern Terminus of the Long Trail
Monday, July 17, 2017 10:40 am
Location: Massachusetts-Vermont Border (0.0 miles)

After three miles and change on the Pine Cobble and Appalachian Trails, I've made it to Vermont, and the start of the Long Trail!

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