View from Haystack Mountain
Location: Jay Camp (260.9 miles)

A couple of light sprinkles of rain started off the morning, delaying my departure from Tillotson Camp slightly, but happily, that was the extent of the rain for the day. One by one, those of us at the shelter all set off for Jay Camp, located near the foot of Jay Mountain, for our penultimate day of hiking on the Long Trail. Before leaving, I noticed that, from the shelter, we could clearly see the fire tower atop Belvidere Mountain, a few miles distant.

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The Sun Breaks Through the Clouds
Location: Tillotson Camp (249.4 miles)

The rain continued most of the night, and there was some rumbling of thunder, as well. There was so much rain that one of the tents belonging to the Farm and Wilderness group flooded, and they had to evacuate into the shelter's loft. (I've never seen a sleeping bag that wet before. They're going to be mighty uncomfortable with the extra weight on today's hike, and with however they're going to sleep tonight.)

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View from Prospect Rock
Location: Corliss Camp (234.4 miles)

I think I've said it before, but, Bed & Breakfasts usually make terrific breakfasts. Today's at Nye's Green Valley Farm was blueberry pancakes, eggs, and sausage. The blueberries were fresh-picked from their farm that morning, and everything was delicious.

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View from Madonna Peak
Location: VT 15 / Johnson / Nye’s Green Valley Farm (223.0 miles)

The wind that started yesterday around bedtime only got stronger and louder throughout the night, constantly howling. The clothes that I had hung up to dry were only wetter by morning, and I was surprised they even stayed attached to the clothes line.

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Sterling Pond and Mount Mansfield
Location: Sterling Pond Shelter (212.0 miles)

My plan to get moving early was thwarted by really nothing other than a general laziness (and dislike of the weather, which was a light rain this morning). While I woke up around 6:45, it took me almost two hours to leave Taft Lodge.

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