2535.2 / 2652.6 miles 95.6% Vista Creek Campsite 2535.2

[Sept 20] Done! It’s been an epic adventure. Post backlog will catch up over the next week or two.

YouTube Channel || “I’m Dreaming of No Bear Can” video

Sunday, September 2, 2018 6:43 pm
Location: Campsite 2375.5 (2375.5 miles)

Yesterday’s science experiment confirmed that, yes, two people in a tent definitely make things warmer. Naturally, that didn’t make it any easier to get out of our sleeping bags and start hiking.

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Saturday, September 1, 2018 5:31 pm
Location: Campsite 2354.2 (2354.2 miles)

It was cold and humid overnight, with a constant wind. Fortunately, I continued to be dry in my tent, and warm in my sleeping bag. Well, not completely dry; the water bladder in my pack leaked again, but at least the water was coming from inside my tent and not outside, and it only got the floor of my tent wet.

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Friday, August 31, 2018 5:52 pm
Location: Martinson Gap (2337.0 miles)

As seems to be becoming common for Washington these days, it was cool, humid, and wet outside, and a light rain motivated me to quickly get packed and on the trail.

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Thursday, August 30, 2018 8:08 pm
Location: Dewey Lake Inlet (2320.8 miles)

It was cool and humid overnight, and foggy this morning, but a persistent light wind during most of the night kept the condensation from building up on the inside of my tent. Not surprisingly, with the cool weather and fog, I was slow to get started, not getting back on the trail until almost 8:30.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018 5:45 pm
Location: Pipe Lake (2302.0 miles)

I took my time making my way out of town today. Between getting up late, breakfast at the coffee shop across the street from the hotel, and repacking my pack, I wasn’t done and out of my room until 11 am — checkout time.

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