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Appalachian Trail, 2016

Benton MacKaye Trail, 2019

Tuscarora Trail, 2020


View from Wind Rock
Longstride and Beast at Wind Rock
Flower Garden
Eastern Continental Divide
Spider Webs
Audie Murphy Memorial
Audie Murphy Memorial Plaque
View from North Side of Brush Mountain
View from Cove Mountain
Dragons Tooth
View from Dragons Tooth
Rhododendrons in Bloom
Taylors Mountain Overlook
Cloud Tutu
The Guillotine
James River Footbridge
View from Little Rocky Row
View from Big Rocky Row
View East from Bluff Mountain
800 Miles!
800 Miles!
Meadows on Cole Mountain
Tree Arch
Fern-Lined Trail
View from Spy Rock
View South-East from The Priest
View South-East from Three Ridges Mountain
View from Hanging Rock Overlook
Taylor Mountain View