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Washington is the northernmost of the three states on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Pacific Crest Trail, 2018


Columbia River Gorge
Gillette Lake
Rock Creek
Morning Fog and Smoke
Sheep Lake
Mount St. Helens
Mount Adams
Mount Hood
Blue Lake
Junction Lake
A Foggy Junction Lake
Trout Lake Creek
Mount Adams
Riley Creek
Killen Creek Waterfall
Goat Rocks
View from Cispus Pass
Trailside Waterfall
Goat Rocks Knifes Edge
Coyote Trail
First View of Mount Rainier
Mount Rainier
Sand Lake
2300 Miles!
Pipe Lake
Pipe Lake in the Morning Fog
Bumping River
Dewey Lake
Sheep Lake
View from Martinson Gap
Government Meadow
Mount Rainier
Mirror Lake
Doomed Trees
Kendall Katwalk
CareFree at Ridge Lake
Spectacle Lake
Waptus Lake
Deep Lake and Cathedral Rock
Deep Lake
Glacier Lake
Scree Field
Trap Lake
Lake Susan Jane
Lichtenberg Mountain
Lake Valhalla
Lake Janus
Grizzly Peak
Lake Sally Ann
Kennedy Creek
Sunlit Ridge
Mica Lake
This Marmot Thinks It Owns The Trail
Suiattle River
Bannock Lakes Fire
Cloudy Pass
Lyman Lake
Dumbell Mountain and Railroad Creek
Hart Lake
View North from Hilgard Pass
A Sketchy Log Crossing
Stehekin River
Howard Lake
Stehekin River near Bridge Creek
Fall Color
Bridge over Bridge Creek
Makeshift Monument
View South from Rainy Pass
View from Cutthroat Pass
Cutthroat Pass
View Towards Methow Pass
Valley Fog
View Towards Harts Pass
View of Harts Pass
Entering the Pasayten Wilderness
Minimum Viable Bridge
Completed Bridge
View Towards Rock Pass
Three Fools Peak
Hopkins Lake