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North Carolina contains portions of the Appalachian Trail and Benton MacKaye Trail.

Appalachian Trail, 2016

Benton MacKaye Trail, 2019


Georgia/North Carolina Border
An Old and Twisted Tree
Longstride at a View
100 Miles
Vew from Albert Mountain Fire Tower
Stream and Waterfalls
Lazy Hiker's Hiker Banner
Franklin Baptist Church Hikers Breakfast
View from the Wayah Bald Overlook
Longstride at the Wayah Bald Overlook
Wayah Bald Tower
View from Wayah Bald
Trail Magic
View from Copper Ridge Bald
View from Wesser Bald Observation Tower
View from Wesser Bald
Longstride at Wesser Bald Tower
Wesser Bald Tower
It's cold outside!
View from The Jumpoff
Active Railroad
Railroad Tracks
Wade Sutton Memorial
Cheoah Bald
Cheoah Bald
Tent City
View from Stecoah Gap
Sunrise at Fontana Lake
Fontana Lake
View from Fontana Dam
View from Fontana Dam
Fontana Lake from Fontana Dam
Spring Blossoms
Snowy Gnarled Tree
Fog Blows In
An Icy Clingmans Dome
Trail Advisory
Clingmans Dome Tower
Longstride at the Tennessee-North Carolina Border
Longstride at the North Carolina-Tennessee Border
"UFO" Communications Tower
Snowbird Mountain Summit
View West from Max Patch
Max Patch
Garenflo Cascade Campsite
The Hugging Tree
Sign at Garenflo Gap
Hot Springs AT Sidewalk Emblem
View of Hot Springs
View from Rich Mountain Lookout Tower
300 Miles
View from Lick Rock
Trail Maintainer
Walking Trail
Ridgetop Meandering
Near Beauty Spot Gap
Beauty Spot Gap
Carvers Gap
View from Round Bald
Side Trail to Overmountain Shelter
Overmountain Shelter
Overmountain Valley
View of Valley from Little Mountain Gap
View from Hump Mountain
Leaving North Carolina
Butterfly on a Trekking Pole
Overlook on the Cherohala Skyway
Overlook on the Cherohala Skyway
Plott Balsam Overlook
David Nelson Collins Painting Richland Balsam Overlook
Mount Pisgah
View from Craggy Pinnacle
View from The Lump
Rhododendron Blossoms
An Incredibly Overgrown Trail
White Moth
Fontana Lake
Fontana Lake and Dam
Three Deer
Rhododendrons Bloom Along Hazel Creek
Fontana Lake
Chambers Creek
Tunnel to Nowhere, West End
Butterfly Congress
Noland Creek
Bridge and Horse Ford of Noland Creek
Large Rattlesnake
Deep Creek
A Verdant Forest After the Rain
Enloe Creek Ford
Spider Webs on the Raven Fork Bridge
Tiny Waterfall
View from Mount Sterling
Big Creek
Benton MacKaye Trail, Northern Terminus